Summer Do and Summer Don’t

1 May

Hi guys today is just a Hello kinda day.  I told myself I would blog this month and I will.  What have I been doing?  If you follow me in any capacity on the Internet you know I’ve been super busy.  However, May will be different.  I am dedicating this month to all things The Pretty Hustler! Any advice, Tutorials, or just my general opinion will appear on here.  I look forward to giving you so


mething to read, and I hope you enjoy it.




Nail Porn!!!

12 Dec

Love love love getting my nails done! So I figured who better to feature as my first Nail Porn post than my own Nail Artist. These screenshots are from Kim Lan’s work at Pretty Please Nails in Auburn, Al. She is dope and always has the best ideas for your nails. If you’re in the area go check her out…if you’re not sucks for you jk! My
other posts will feature nail artists from a variety of cities. #ThankMeLater #DopeDealer #NailPorn Follow her on Instagram @Nailn_Bitches Now!!!




Bawd Ass Ruthie Davis  Her!!!

12 Dec

I follow Ruthie Davis on Instagram and let me just say I love her shoes! They’re a breath of fresh air in a sea of norms. She always posts them as she wears them and it’s something totally down to earth about that. It’s kinda dope. Here are a few screenshots of her shoes…Enjoy loves 






The Pretty Hustler Curls Tutorial

12 Dec

The Pretty Hustler Curls are something I started doing in hair school. They weren’t named that then of course but I started doing them because the first thing they gave us was a flat iron. We literally had to learn how to do everything with only this for weeks. I love the curls because as they fall they become messy waves which I live for! Here’s a brief tutorial on how they are done.

Supplies: Flat-Iron (one with rounded edges maybe easier to use), paddle brush, rat tail comb, light holding spritz or heavier depending on your preference, alligator clip, gloss serum, and a lot of patience.

Use the paddle brush to make sure your hair is free of any tangles.
Separate your hair with the alligator clips from the hair you want to curl first. Thinner sections of hair are much easier to work with than larger one for beginners.
Take your rat tail comb and comb through the section you want to curl first. Spray a small amount of the spray you choose over the hair but not directly on the hair.
Start at the top of the strand and begin to roll the flat irons down in a ribbon like motion. Keep turn the flat irons in a continuous motion until you reach the end. The longer you stay in certain areas will determine the tightness of the curve. However, try not to stay there too long because you will put dents in the strand. My biggest tip is move downward not like you’re doing an actual curl.
Complete each section until you are completely done and spray with gloss serum.
You can separate the curls or leave them together. The beauty of these is that they have kind of a messy yet put together feel anyway so they don’t have to be perfect.
In the days to come they’ll start to fall, at this point you can use your paddle brush and gloss serum to create loose waves.

Here are a few pictures of my curls but I know I’m going to have to do a video tutorial soon lol!







Boujii Man Fashion

12 Dec

Here are today’s picks for Boujii Man on Instagram! I picked two guys because they’re were a few more options 🙂 I hope my ladies submit more tomorrow because we def got beat out. Enjoy! And Follow! Tag #theprettyhustler for consideration





Boujii Bish Fashion

12 Dec

Here are today’s Boujii Bish Fashion Picks for Instagram! Follow me on Instagram @TheRealPrettyHustler and tag yourself for submissions #theprettyhustler




The Pretty Hustler™

11 Dec

I get on here and speak on all kinds of randomness but I do want to let you guys know….I have a little business called The Pretty Hustler™.

I offer Professional ToGo Services that include: hair,makeup,and wardrobe. For 2013 I am attempting to expand to other states/countries and offer you guys more apparel merchandise on my website. Right now there are T-shirts available as well as accessories directly related to my brand. You have the ability to book appointments online as well. I’ll also include updates on here as well but thanks for reading my blog and I hope I can continue to offer you insight and humor along the way 🙂

Feel free to check out my website

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